Accompanying banking professionals across their career trajectory, KAFA’A’s T&C framework is all-encompassing of core disciplines and verticals driving Qatar’s banking industry. 

KAFA’A’s competency programmes and curriculums cover entry-to-executive level training, ranging from customer and teller service to product development, operational proficiency, branch and sales strategy, modern and alternative channel specialisation, and relationship management. Building on the latter, KAFA’A opens up a wealth of opportunities in the private banking arena, offering training on relationship management for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, product strategy, portfolio management and trading business.

In partnership with Qatar’s leading financial institutions, banks and bodies, KAFA’A is scaling its corporate banking training and education, extending it from relationship management with SME, commercial and large corporates, to bilateral, syndicated cross-border lending, trade and structured financing, and correspondent banking. 

Expanding on the banking sector’s fundamentals, KAFA’A’s T&C framework helps professionals stretch their competencies to the operational aspect of retail and corporate banking. As such, its programmes and curriculums tackle central cash management, clearing operations, customer payment and settlement, card operations, customer query management and credit administration. Similarly, KAFA’A’s treasury operations training covers interbank payments and settlement (inward and outward), mid office functions, custody management and Nostro reconciliation.

Under its framework, KAFA’A also lends expertise and guidance on all aspects of risk management, covering credit, market and operational risk, as well as capital management.
Recognising the necessity to uphold strict standards for self-regulation and transparency in the market, KAFA’A provides professionals with intensive education and training on compliance, anti-money laundering and regulatory best practices, as well as the latest developments from international industrial bodies and authorities. 

Encapsulating the basics of finance as well as the most advanced aspects of the field, KAFA’A’s T&C programmes include financial reporting, management reporting, budgeting and cost management, accounting, regulatory reporting and rating agency reporting. In line with its holistic view on competency development for financial professionals, KAFA’A also offers internal audit training.