Capital markets

Collaboration with Qatar’s leading capital market players will be a key focus and growth area for KAFA’A, as it looks to allot sizeable resources and efforts into aligning market and industry professionals with local, regional and global financial market developments and benchmarks.

KAFA’A’s capital markets framework encompasses brokerage, investment banking, asset management, exchange and depository, and risk and control. Professionals will receive exhaustive and comprehensive education on the basics, rules and regulations of dealing – namely equities, derivatives and commodities – as well as on financial products and services and risk management fundamentals.

On a more granular level, KAFA’A curriculums will tackle exchange and OTC markets, trading hedging and investment strategies, the role of investment banking in capital markets and discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management and reporting. Key focus areas across KAFA’A’s capital markets educational involve an overview of brokerage operations, mergers and acquisitions, valuations, IPOs, securities underwriting, debt capital markets, due diligence, asset and investment management, credit rating and auditing.

Over the course of their training programmes, professionals will receive cross-disciplinary exposure to micro and macro-economics, accounting, quantitative performance management, financial mathematics and statistics, taxation, asset classes and investment research, among others.