Islamic capital markets

As Islamic finance continues to gain momentum in mature and emerging markets, global banking and financial professionals, decision makers and influencers have turned their attention to various facets of a once largely untapped and underserved market. 

As several questions arise on the place Shari’ah funds will play in global asset management, the Sukuk landscape and the talent and human capital requirements to drive this segment forward, KAFA’A has mapped out key job families, roles and relevant competencies to Islamic capital markets under QFMA’s supervision. 

KAFA’A’s wide swath of experts, programmes and curriculums will capture factors and role of international agencies playing into the development of Islamic Capital Markets, the Sukuk landscape, Islamic asset-backed securities and Islamic mutual funds, among other shapeshifting drivers for the industry. Professionals will be taken through early introduction to the Shari’ah framework of Islamic capital markets, ethical considerations, opportunities and limitations in Islamic banking.