Launched by H.E The Governor of the Qatar Central Bank, the Strategic Plan for Financial Sector has called for intensified collaboration and cooperation amongst regulators and industrial to usher Qatar’s financial sector in an era of self-regulation, stability, transparency and standardisation. 

Recognising this call as an essential part of its mission and working closely with regulators and influential authorities, KAFA’A has devised a program that encapsulates self-regulatory and transparency values, systems, processes and measures. 

Branching out of the overall financial sector policy framework under the supervision of QCB and QFCRA, KAFA’A’s regulator curriculum will take banking professionals through legalities and powers of independent supervisors; independence and accountability; disclosure and transparency; information sharing restrictions with domestic and foreign regulators; inspection, investigation and surveillance; consumer, client investor and shareholder protection; risk management and mitigation; acquisitions and investments; internal control and audit; and licensing rules and regulations. 

Complementing these focus areas will be a slew of workshops and sessions around Islamic banking and markets, international capital markets, anti-money laundering and the combat against terrorism financing, issuance and mergers, market exits, secondary markets, market intermediaries and credit rating agencies. 

Pioneering an industry body model in the industry, KAFA’A vociferously believes its mission is to provide continuous professional development and a solid framework for all key personnel in Qatar’s financial services industry from employees, potential employees, managers or financial regulators. In fact, it not only connects industry professionals and regulators but, also, serves as a powerful and robust platform for the overall exchange of knowledge, training and the development of core competencies.

From establishing uniform standards, generating a competitive talent pool across various categories of jobs to delivering consistent performances that can be benchmarked against the finest in the world, the reasons to adopt KAFA’A are plenty. Moreover, this new initiative also promises standards of business and ethical conduct, decreased market risk and increased systemic stability for Qatar’s financial sector.

The journey may have only just begun, but the road ahead for KAFA’A is paved with limitless potential and possibilities.