Complementing KAFA’A’s insurance education programme is a focus on Islamic insurance (Takaful), taking professionals through the fundamentals of Shari’ah-compliant underwriting, claims, Retakaful, actuarial, sales, intermediaries and non-core areas.

KAFA’A will help professionals in bridging the knowledge gap around the divergence of traditional insurance from Shari’ah compliance and around the nature, principles and operational framework of Islamic insurance. Gaining in-depth insight into the constraints, ethical considerations and opportunities for Islamic insurance, professionals will be taken through various Islamic Insurance models applied across markets, main features of Islamic contracts and underwriting policies, and key management and corporate governance principles and practices pertaining to Takaful companies.

On a more advanced level, KAFA’A will offer professionals thorough understanding of the concepts, product and service development, as well as opportunities emerging in the nascent Retakaful and Bancatakaful arenas.